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Monday, March 16, 2009

Where have I been?

It is has been way too long since I posted and I guess I had better explain what is going on. In November my husband got laid off from his job--he was part of the big Nascar layoff, and at 60 years of age, has been unable to find a job. We have sold our home and are now living in a campground where he is volunteering to pay for our site. He enjoys the work and the harder and heavier it is, the better he is.  I, on the other hand, am a basket case all the time. I have given all, and I mean all, of my stamping and scraping stash to our daughter. I hated to sell it because what if I can resume the hobby that I adored? So, it sits waiting for me in PA while I am here in NC.  Our plans are to move into a trailer in Florida that my mom owns, but that won't be until the end of camping season and you never know what resume will produce a job. We are without any health insurance because Cobra for us ceased to exist since the team he worked with closed its doors.  I need an epidural badly as it is difficult for me to walk and climbing the steps into the camper is downright painful.   I know that God closes one door and opens another, so I am trying to maintain a positive outlook that eventually all will be ok. It is hard to dispose of our household items as the closing is the 30th and we have had less than a month to do this. I think Habitat for Humanity will be very pleased with us as the month wears on. We are so lucky that our house sold less than a month after putting it on the market.  We didn't make any money but the drain on our budget will be done.  
Thank God for our wonderful children for helping us out. We couldn't do this without them. Jerry's ultimate goal would be to work in a campground for pay. He loves this lifestyle and if we could be paid so we could pay bills, it would be fantastic. 

If you are reading this, I would appreciate your prayers and good wishes that all will work out for us. As for sharing any of my stamping, I guess there will be none.  Not sure if I will continue this blog by heading another direction or what.  Thank you for being loyal to me and reading what I write. I appreciate it so much.