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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pix of Jerry and me

Well, I know it isn't a very good photo but a lady offered to take a photo of us when we were at Historic Jamestown, VA in front of the John Smith statue. I am not real fond of having my photo taken. I need to be more like Mary Anderson--she has such lovely photos of her taken. Jerry always looks so stiff and ill at ease in his pix. Anyhow, we had a wonderful time in Williamsburg. We visited Busch Gardens, Historic Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown Battlefield, and even went to the Plantations along the James River. One night we bought tickets to go to a "dance" at the palace in Colonial Williamsburg and it was fun. Our grandson even got to dance. The dancers made it seem like a play and we were invited to an evening party at one of the big plantations to imagine what it would have been nice. Those early settlers loved to dance!! They would dance all night long. Our week in Williamsburg ended much too soon. I did get to visit the stamp store there, but held back and didn't buy anything.
Thanks for looking in on me.

Finally, some cards

This had to be the first card I am showing as it came from my friend, Sara Paschal (Sara's Studio) and it is stunning, as are all of her creations. I wish you all could see it in person. Sara knows just when to send a uplifting greeting and it came at just the right time when I needed it. Thank you so much, sweet Sara.
We spent a wonderful week camping in Williamsburg, VA with our daughter and grandkids and when I got home, I made this cute little "spring" card with an image from Pink Petticoat. It is so sweet and I loaded it with glitter. I miss those grands!!! We had such a good time and the weather was perfect.

We have twins that live next door to us and they had their 5th birthday last weekend, so I had to make them a card to go along with the tooth tin. I used images from Pink Petticoat for them too. One of the girls loves purple so I made her card purple. This is the first time I had downloaded images like this and I will do it again sometime.

This is the purple card. Wish you could see the glitter. Cute....
Thanks for checking in with me.

Blogger won't upload photos

Try as I might, I can not get Blogger to upload any photos today. I have a couple cards to show you and now I can't, but I will try when I get back home today. Have you ever heard of Pink Petticoat? Well, Jen from Pieces of Me showed a card she had made with an image she had downloaded from Pink Petticoat and I feel in love with the little lamb. So, I got over my fear of downloading and went for it and these are the cards I want to show you. Very neat. I will try later. I also have a card that my buddy Sara Paschal sent me that is stunning and I want you all to see it. She has the most elegant style of stamping.
So, with luck, Blogger will let me get these photos up for you to see.
If I don't get it done today, it will be next week before I can do anything.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back

I made this clipboard for my niece because I thought she looked so pretty in her prom gown. I used the UHU twist and glue to glue down the papers and the photo. The stamps on the board are from TAC. I have a question tho--My mod podge is still sticky after a month and a half. Is there something I should be be spraying on it to set it? I have had this same problem with every item I have used Mod Podge on. Thanks for any help on this.

I made these tooth fairy tins for the twins next door who turned 5 on the 23rd. I bought this stamp set from Gina K and was so anxious to make this for them. I used the UHU twist and glue to glue the cardstock and the ribbon around the top. It worked fabulously. I will be using this product more.
When you are out shopping this is a photo of the "Twist and Glue" so you will know what to buy. It works so well. I love that the applicator tip can put out a line of thin glue or thick glue. Try it and see what you think.
Thanks for checking in on me and I will be posting some cards that I made soon.