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Friday, June 13, 2008

Update on my back surgery, LSI

Hi everyone!!!
I thought I had better post an update to how I am doing now. It has been 7 weeks since I had the laser back surgery and I can feel an improvement every day now. At 6 weeks it felt like a switch had been thrown and I was almost better over night. I still am doing my exercises and have started walking at our local park for 25 min. Last night when I finished my walk, I had NO pain. Wow!! I am still taking some extra strength Tylenol but not sure that I really need it. I am very impressed with LSI and if anyone needs to have back surgery for spinal stenosis or ruptured or bulging discs, I think a consult with LSI would be in order. The surgeons are all skilled and American and have done many, many of these operations (I can't remember the number, but on my day of surgery, they did 15 cases and usually do 20-25--can't beat that for experience.) I have read some negative thoughts on LSI, but in my opinion after being there and going through the entire process, I am most impressed. I am thankful that I went this route. Now if only my health insurance will pay it. That is the one negative, that it is considered experimental surgery and they have denied my coverage for it. But, LSI has a great medical team that deals with these denials and has good experience in getting payment. Let's pray as we really didn't need to spend all this money right now, but my health is worth it (I guess!!!).
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, let me know.
Hope to get back to stamping soon. I see so many pretty things on the blogs.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A RAK from my TAC upline

My upline from TAC, Janaina Oliveira, has really spoiled me. Aside from all the help she provides for me in TAC, she sent me this great box of goodies from her trip home to Brazil. Wow!!! She made this adorable little basket which held (you see I said held, not holds) candy. It didn't last me long--yum. And she sent this postcard of the beach she used to frequent. Her mother made this beautiful towel by hand. I am honored to have it in my possession. Thank you for thinking of me Jana. Brazil is a most beautiful country and it sure does produce great people (YOU!!!).
Thanks for looking at this.

More Bloggers RAKs

Isn't this just the cutest card? You can't see the sparkle in it but the flip flops have sparkle as well as the dots in the strips of cardstock. So sweet. It sure does speak summer to me. This is from Nancy of Nancy, you did a terrific job with this card and I adore it. Who but you would have thought to layer all those different patterned papers together. It is fantastic. Thank you.
This work of art is from Deb (SCS Crafty Turtle) Deb is our fearless leader of the SCS Bloggers RAK club. She was so sweet as she knew about my surgery and sent this card and told me that I didn't need to post it--just take care of myself--Well, I just knew that others needed to see this pretty card so here it is. Deb even did paper piercing along the top and has some bling in one of the flowers. It is a real beauty. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Deb.
My good friend Sara Paschal sent me this elegant friend card. Sara has been beside me this entire blogging trip and has supported me, emailed me, sent goodie boxes, cards when I least expected them, and was just a friend. She means so much to me and is a very special person. I only hope that someday we really get to meet so I can thank her in person for all she has done. I don't believe I have ever met such a giving, non selfish person in my life. Thank you Sara for this awesome card. You creativity never fails to amaze me. Go check out Saras blog and see what all this creative person is up to. You will be very glad you did.
Last but not least, I won this stamp set called Serenity from Jana Weaver. Look at the precious holder that she inserted the stamp set into!! Talk about creative. This gal is super!!! I love reading her blog She is so well traveled. Thanks so much Jana for this stamp set. If only I could do yoga like this gal does I would be all set!!!

I think I am caught up with all the terrific RAKS that I have received. Thank you one and all--you made me feel so special.

Bloggers RAK

I have some cards that I received from Splitcoast Bloggers RAK that I really need to show off because they are spectacular. This one if from Marie McClellan ( She used the daisy stamp from Kitchen Sink Stamps which I have really been wanting. I think this card is just beautiful and it really picked up my mood. Thank you so much Marie. You were so thoughtful to send this.
And then just look at this beauty!!! This is from Tammy Fite ( The colors Tammy used are so peaceful and calming. It is such a great day when a RAK comes in the mailbox.

I have a few more to post and I will do that in another post. Thank you both so much for thinking of me. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.