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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandmothers for McCain

I have been following Susie at and I really love what she says about John McCain. I have not been very vocal in the political arena but in this election, I am. Please go and check out Susie's blog and read what she has to say. It all makes perfect sense to me. Thank you Susie for voicing your opinions. And if you agree with Susie (or even if you don't) link back to her blog and you may win the book "My Dad, John McCain" which even if you aren't in favor for McCain, is a touching and sweet book.
Thanks for checking in.

Mary Anderson

I don't know how to find out but do any of you who read my blog have Mary Anderson's address? I really want to send her a card but can't find it anywhere and am just hoping that someone that reads mine, has it. Mary is such a precious person and got hurt and she needs to know that I am thinking about her. I hope someone can help me. Mary's blog "Its all about the journey" is amazing and I am really missing her.
Thanks so much and I will get back to posting some creations soon.
I have been away from home because my stepfather passed away unexpectedly so I have been in PA. Also I was at my daughters home helping her get ready for the open house to introduce folks to her Stampin' Up business. We had a ball creating cards and projects. What fun to craft with her. I would love it if you would check in on her blog at Maybe you can see some of what we did!!! Also she is running a special on free shipping with a $75 order for the month of Oct. to hopefully jumpstart her business. That is a 10% savings which in these times is very helpful.
Thanks for checking in on me today and I am sorry to have been so absent.
Get well Mary if you are reading this.