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Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back

I made this clipboard for my niece because I thought she looked so pretty in her prom gown. I used the UHU twist and glue to glue down the papers and the photo. The stamps on the board are from TAC. I have a question tho--My mod podge is still sticky after a month and a half. Is there something I should be be spraying on it to set it? I have had this same problem with every item I have used Mod Podge on. Thanks for any help on this.

I made these tooth fairy tins for the twins next door who turned 5 on the 23rd. I bought this stamp set from Gina K and was so anxious to make this for them. I used the UHU twist and glue to glue the cardstock and the ribbon around the top. It worked fabulously. I will be using this product more.
When you are out shopping this is a photo of the "Twist and Glue" so you will know what to buy. It works so well. I love that the applicator tip can put out a line of thin glue or thick glue. Try it and see what you think.
Thanks for checking in on me and I will be posting some cards that I made soon.


2 Worlds said...

Cheryl what great projects !

Sara Paschal said...

These are both fantastic, I love the clipboard. I have had the same problem with Mod Podge, can't wait to see the replies for this problem.

Glad you are creating and posting again!

Cheryl said...

That clipboard is so cute!!! I would love to try that UHU glue. I have never seen it anywhere here in Hawaii.

Mary said...

It is so good to see that your back.

I love the clipboard that yo made for your it came out gorgeous. Your niece is beautiful! I can hardly wait to hear what she thinks after you give it to her. As for the Modgepodge I can not help you with that becuase I do not use it. I would love to hear what other women do about tit though.I have tried the UHU glue which is made right here in New England. Good stuff. :)


L8ybug2 said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment you left. I just got my spritzer and that was the first time I used it.
When I saw the stencil a light bulb went off and I thought it was worth a try. Love your little tooth boxes, great job.
Rita (L8ybug Stamper)

The wallflower said...

Beautiful clipboard! I never used mod podge on mine partly because I didn't have any and I was to lazy to go buy any, and partly because I didn't plan for it to be used but to just hang on the wall. But I really love the way yours came out!!

Alyssa said...

Hey cheryl! Great projects. The clipboard is beautiful and I'm sure your niece will appreciate it for many years. The Tooth Tins are a great idea. My 5 year old just got his first tooth pulled and those are a great idea even for me to keep his teeth in. So glad that the UHU Twist & Glue worked for you. Check more out at