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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Camping at Willowtree Resort outside of Myrtle Beach

We spent the weekend at Willowtree Resort in Longs, SC which is just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. This is our view from the rear of our camper. We had rented a site by the Lake and we had our own hot tub ( We didn't use but our son did). I do believe this is the nicest campground that we have ever been to. It was just about empty last weekend due to tropical storm Hanna coming thru but we were brave and stayed in the camper and as you can see, after the storm, it was well worth it as the weather was perfect.
This is what we love to do with our camper. We put the rear tail gate down and secure it as a deck. We decided to have dinner on the deck and here the dogs and I are waiting for Jerry to bring us our dinner. How perfect.
Here is our camper with Jerry stowing the jeep in the rear of it. It is always so sad to leave such a beautiful place. We do have 2 more trips to this campground planned. If you do RV, and you live within driving distance to this campground, I would have to highly recommend it.
Thanks for checking in on us.


2 Worlds said...

The place looks really beautiful !
seems it was great

Suzanne said...

Oh! We LOVE to go to Willowtree! We're going to TRY to go for Halloween, but I'm not sure we can since our daughter started school this year.... It is an AWESOME campground!

Sara Paschal said...

Cheryl, it looks so beautiful there. I am glad it turned out good for the trip, I was worried about you.

Camping said...

Nice posting because you have a detailed and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.