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Monday, February 12, 2007

First post

I have never had a blog before but am dealing with a very weight matter right now. I have had a car accident (not my fault) and due to pain, meds, and lack of planning, I have gained 20 pounds since Dec. I am miserable as I feel like such a failure after I had lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers. I will be going back on the wagon again starting today!!!!


Ashley Bowen said...

Hi Cheryl! :) Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog about the fairy card! I love that one!! hehehehe!! :-) I got her from my favorite place ever!! . Emily (the owner) is fantastic!! They are unmounted-- but they are totally worth it. They are HUGE on splitcoaststampers too. You should check it out!

Girl-- I hear you on the weight thing! After hight school I gained 30lbs very quickly. The doctor still isn't sure why either. Well-- I was so upset about it. I started taking phentramin and I lost it within 4 months. :-) Now-- I've gained 20lbs back. You know though-- I've found happiness in myself. If I stay the size I am now-- I will be happy! I think we all need to find that happiness-- otherwise we miss out on a lot of happiness in life! Hugs to you!! Ashley

Vicki C said...

Hey Cheryl... Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!
I to totally understand the wieght struggle. YOU CAN DO IT! You did it before, you can jump back on and catch those few pounds with no problem! Sending you good vibes!