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Saturday, March 24, 2007

2nd post

I am so impressed that someone actually found my blog and commented on it (thanks Ashley) that now I am motivated to keep at it. I hadn't even checked in as I thought I would be lost in the sea of blogs.
Kathy and I are trying our hands at blogging and I may even post some photos of cards that I have made. I am gradually learning and getting better. I am trying a new technique every week. The next one will be a shaker cards. We (Kathy and I) bought some pretty beads at HL yesterday and now I learned from Gina to use the windows from pasta boxes and even from the plastic that encloses kids toys for the windows. Isn't that a great idea?
I think the focus of my blog will be 3 things--1. stamping and cards 2. weight loss and 3. The Secret and staying positive with lots of gratitude for my life.
So, that is all for today and I will be back.

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kathy said...

why wouldn't somebody comment.