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Monday, September 3, 2007

Birthday cards

I feel so spoiled as I got so many beautiful birthday cards from my friends. The first one is from Kathy. It didn't photograph well as the color is a beautiful blue/grey with the flowers done with future floor wax and pearlex. It is beautiful. I must try this technique. Kathy gave me the biggest Dunkin' Donuts coffee mug cause she knows how much I like my DD coffee. Thank you Kathy!!!
This prettiness is from Charly. She didn't say if it was from splitcoast blogger rak or just the birthday rak club. It is very pretty with stamped velum on the front. Inside she had a little baggie of blings for me!! Thank you Charly

This card is a real beauty too but my photo ability doesn't show it. It is from Julie Go check her great work out. I love this stamp set that she used for this card. Thanks Julie. I love it.

Doesn't this card just make you feel happy? It is from Pat Sergeant and JT's Birthday RAK club. I love this little club. Jen from Hawaii has compiled a birthday list and you can send cards to those on the list if you wish and I got one!!! I love the pink brad on this card with the pink primas. So cute and made my day. Also the detail of the scalloped edge is so pfetty. Thanks Pat.

Yep, this is my first Fluffle and it is from Sara Pascal. I can see now why these little kitties are so addictive. Sara did a fantastic job coloring this card and I love the colors she used. I guess I love the brown with the celery and pink anytime. She even used a couple punches. Very, very cute. Sara, you are an amazing stamper. Thanks.

This card sure doesn't show the beautiful colors. It has the appearance of flocking (but isn't) and looks so soft. The ribbon is beautiful. Ginger @williams-creations sent this beauty to me. Thanks Ginger. I love it.

Toni Newman from stamptherapy2 sent me this little beauty. As usual it is using my favorite colors. How people know this is beyond me. I can't tell you how special it makes you feel to get these cards. Love the bling on it. Thank you Toni.

I love splitcoast and this is the reason. Stephanie Sebren sent me this card for the birthday bloggers and I adore it. The bling on the flower doesn't show up good but it is blue crystals. She did such a great job on this card. Stephs splitcoast name is stephstamps1982. I appreciate you sending me this card Steph. Thank you.

What a beauty this card is. It is from Lorrie Brewer (splitcoast name brewerlr). Lorrie did every type of technique on this card. She stamped ,punched, tore, tied, distressed, has paperclip, button and tied on ribbon. That's alot in a small package. The colors are beutiful. Lorrie told me that she had never done a rak card before and was afraid it wasn't good enough. Yeah, right Lorrie!!! It is beautiful. Thanks so much.

Last but certainly not least was this fantastic card from Pat Gasko. Pat is my Weight Watchers leader and was the person who introduced me to stamping. I don't know what stamp set she used, but it sure is pretty. Pat has a way of knowing just what colors to use and the design elements. She is a true graphic artist. She even did the polished stone technique (I think) on the piece of cardstock on the left. So pretty. She even enclosed a Starbucks cash card. I will sure enjoy that. I never have had one. Such a pretty card, Pat. It is very special. Thanks.
So, if you have read this far, you have seen how spoiled I was. Thank you to all. It was a good birthday.
And now I hope to get back to my cardmaking and blogging now that fall is here. We have a couple camping trips planned and the fall was fly by. I don't like winter so not looking forward to that. I hate cold--love it hot. And hot is what we have had here in NC.
Thanks for checking in with me.


Jen said...

oh you lucky lovable girl you!!! hope you had a marvelous birthday. =0)

hugs n' aloha to you,

kathy said...

Pat technique was faux fossil. What a bunch of great cards you got. It must have made you feel so special. I am glad because you deserve it.

Sara Paschal said...

Glad you are back in the blogging world, I enjoyed looking at all of your B-Day cards.