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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ribbon PullEz purse

I hope I didn't make a mistake, but I purchased the ribbon pullez purse after seeing it on Scraptime. I thought it would be such a good way to organize ribbon. It came today and I have been steadily working on getting my ribbon in it. As you can see, I have lots more room to insert more ribbon. Now the question is--Will the ribbon tangle and all I will have is one big mess? We shall see.


Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

hey Cheryl,

keep us posted on this gadget,if you like it, or if it does become a mess... looks like a crazed-out giant octopus to me... tee hee....



kathy said...

akeep me posted

Michelle said...

It looks all tangly already. Thanks for being the guinea pig.