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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I can't believe I'm 60!!

My bestest friend Cindy gave me these cupcakes and the candle for my birthday. The card is a riot. It is one of those ones that play songs and it is "Let the Sun Shine." She is so thoughtful.
I guess people like to rub it in when you turn 60 because my best friend from nursing school sent me a card with a big 6-0 on it and then this precious little angel. No one wants me to forget that I am 60 I guess. My body won't let me forget.
Thanks to you all, my friends.


Joani said...

Oh Cheryl ~ I'm sorry I missed your special day. Happy belated.

It's true people won't let you forget. My SIL just turned 50 and I won't let her forget.

Belated Hugs,

Sara Paschal said...

The cupcakes look so YUMMY and the angel is darling. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! And I love the pics of Abby!

Scossie Jane said...

Hi Cheryl, I wish I had known it was your 60th - I would have made your card even more special!!LOL

Love your site, and your wee doggie is adorable xx