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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My sweet Abby

I know you are bored with my blog but I really wanted to introduce you to Abby, our 14 year old Westie. Abby has been quite sick this summer and I have been so frightened that we were going to have to put her down several times. Right now she seems to be holding her own. She is so sweet and I love her dearly. I have had a very hard time with her being sick. I don't know how I ever raised children.
This is Abby's favorite place to be--up high on the back of the sofa. She can't get up there by herself any longer, so I help her and she is happy on her perch.
I will take some photos of our little Gracie, shih-tzu/poodle mix who will be 3 next month. I thank God I have her. I love my doggies.
Thanks for checking in on me.
I promise, I will post some of the cards I have made. I love some of them for a change!!


2 Worlds said...

Snoopy like to stay there too
Shes so sweet
did you see my email?

Wanda. said...

You have been given an award. Please view my blog for more details. :o)

Sara Paschal said...

She is so cute, I love her Pampered look :) So glad she is doing better.

10570Fan said...

I have a Westie too - and she loves the same sort of perch! (Mine is 12.) I'm sorry to hear she wasn't up to her usual self, hope things are turning around for her now.