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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our dog, Abby

This is our westie, Abby. She has been having problems with a corneal ulcer since Thanksgiving and finally after all sorts of eye drops, our vet sent her to an opthamologist vet yesterday. She was diagnosed with an indolent corneal ulcer and had to have a grid keratotomy where she scratched the surface of the cornea in order to promote healing by altering the tissue under the diseased outer surface of the cornea. Now the new, healthy cells can (we hope) attach to the surface and heal. She goes back in 2 weeks to be rechecked. This vet clinic gives you an cost of service before treatment is provided so you can decide if you want to go through with it. This was $500 and I hope she doesn't need it again. How do you have a choice with your pet who is a family member? Abby is 13 and a half and we would do anything to keep her and make her healthy. This proceedure has an 85% success rate the first time, so please keep your fingers crossed for Abby. She seems to be adjusting well to the e-collar. She eats and even is jumping onto the couch. We love our dogs.
So, after spending all of this, it looks like my stamping budget is pretty nil for a while. Maybe now I can use some of my stash. I am such a hoarder.
Thanks for checking in.


Sara Paschal said...

Wow, that is expensive treatment I will pray it works for her, poor doggie.

Doris said...

Although I really am a cat lover, I'll say a prayer for your dog. Sounds like she's adjusted well to the collar!
Have fun with your stash. I spend a whole day or two every month making cards using nothing but scraps (otherwise I'd be suffocated by now!) When it comes to stamping, "need" is a relative term anyway...