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Monday, June 18, 2007

Name tags, Body Worlds Exhibition

Do you remember the cute little name tag I made for my Drs. new baby girl? Well, I gave it to her last week and my fears came true!! She spelled the baby's name Lilly rather than the Lily that I did on the tag. So, I made another one and also made one for her other 3 year old daughter. I am not sure this one came out as cute as the other one and she wanted initials rather than name (I imagine for safety reasons), but they are done and I will drop them off to her. What do you think about them? I took photos of the front and back.
We went camping this past weekend in Charlotte at Fleetwood Racing Campground right by the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We had a wonderful time camping with our good friends Glenn and Cindy. While there I had bought tickets for the Body Worlds exhibit which was at Discovery Place in Charlotte. What an exhibit. It was real human bodies who had donated their bodies to science and a dr. in Germany invented a way to preseve the bodies with plastic so that he could dissect the muscles, nerves, tendons, etc. He had "platicized" brains, lungs, and all other organs to show healthy ones and diseased ones. It was done tastefully and you could not tell that it was a real cadaver. I could have spent much longer looking. It was very educational and well worth going. He had even done a horse and had rider on it. One body was a gymnist, one a runner, etc. Go see this exhibit if it comes to your town. Check out the website to see if it is coming to a town near you. I see it is also in Montreal now. I recommend it especially if you are in the medical field.
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