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Friday, June 1, 2007

UHU fabric glue review

I bought some bella stamps and was so anxious to use them. So, I made this cute little beachabella to send to my sister in anticipation of our Myrtle Beach trip in July. I think she will like her. I used some of the glitter stack paper I had and matched up colors and the ribbon looked cute on it. I used the UHU sample that I was sent that is supposed to work on fabric and ribbon and must say that I love it. It didn't take long to dry and it seems to be very secure on there. The only thing is to not use very much. I squirted a little along the middle of the ribbon and then spread it out with my finger. It lays flat and is stuck!! Thank you UHU for this sample. It needs to be available in the states as it works so well.
Cheryl out!!

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