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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Beautiful NC, Furniture Market, and Stamping.

I just feel the need to post about how much I love living here in NC. It is the most beautiful state and it is especially spectacular in the spring. I took this photo yesterday of the wisteria that I saw along the road. It is too bad that the junky building and vehicle are there to distract from this beautiful scene. You should have smelled it--it was heavenly.

I spent several days this week at the High Point Furniture Market which is a huge event for our area. I enjoyed seeing all the new furniture that is being manufactured and especially loved the childrens furniture. Now if I could just buy some for the grandkids. There is a Mary Kate and Ashley collection that is adorable. Also Build a Bear has a line of childrens furniture that is nice as well. I went with my friend Kim, who has a furniture warehouse and has excellent prices if anyone is interested in quality with a good pricepoint. I highly recommend her. She is legitimate and safe to order from. I have included the link to her website. I will also post a photo of one of the bedrooms from the build a bear collection.

Someday I will be brave enough to post one of my cards. I am a beginning stamper and I don't feel that my work is ready for publication.

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kathy said...

you are good with the camera. I love the wisteria

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture! I love the wisteria! Its so different from Florida :-)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, the wisteria is beautiful & I could smell it thru the computer. There is one here near the local golf course.