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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday April 10, 2007

Tie Dye cards I made today following instructions of Twisted Chick Creations. I had trouble making sure there was enough of the wax on the cardstock, so my pattern is not as strong as I would like.
Kathy and I got together today and made a few cards, but none turned out good enough to post. We tried the emerging colors technique and all we succeeded in doing was burning my carpet with the embossing heat tool. They just didn't look good. Also we made an envelope pocket card, but mine needs spiffing up a little before I can show you.
I think these tie dyed cards are kinda cool, but need to work on the technique a little.
Thanks again for looking.


Michelle said...

Hi Cheryl - I love how your tie dye cards turned out! Thanks for following the tutorial and posting your creations. I'll link to them later in the week.

kathy said...

Thanks for telling everyone we burnt your carpet. lol we will never live that down. I guess I will have to invest in some glossy cardstock and see what I can do. i looked at her tutorial also but knew we had other plans so I didn't mention it. Good looking cards you made I am proud of you for creationg on your own