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Friday, April 13, 2007

Free UHU sample

I posted a link to Maria Filosa's blog where she is telling about the new refillable tape dispenser and will send you one to test if you will review it in your blog. I requested one and I will try it. I had one that was not refillable and liked it for the first few feet and then it broke and I had no way to fix it so had to throw it away. I hope this one works better. Right now I am using the ATG gun and love it. It took a little practice, but now it is like a dream. I would recommend it and I got it from framing It was the best price I could find.
I don't have a card right now to post and tomorrow I am going with Pat and Kathy to the stampers show in Winston Salem, NC. Maybe I will have some purchases to show off. I am looking for that cute little bird that everyone is using. I am also planning to order the Green Thumb papertrey ink set. I am in love with every card I have seen from that set. I will most likely order each set she has--not sure about the new one coming out on the 15th but I love the others.
Thanks again for checking in.

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